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 Expectations and the future I want to bring to this site.

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jan3iro21 (Chelsea)

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PostSubject: Expectations and the future I want to bring to this site.   Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:57 am

Firstly I just want to start simple with 2 leagues with 14 teams in each league. 28 managers shouldn't be hard to find. If site becomes popular again like it was before than I will obviously add more leagues, etc.

What I would like to do is start off with the first season obviously . Every picks teams on first come first serve basis and we go from there. Transfers and auctions will happen throughout the season. The times they will happen I'll decide when that happens.

Sackings and promotion happens, you keep the same team from first season with all the transferred players. Same routine.

Complete reset so all the teams are back to normal and Di Natale is back in the auctions.

The big thing is the auctions that I want to do but it will take team and loyalty. Which I am planning for the winners of the league and cup and runner ups to get real money for do so. But for this to happen, some top players in the auctions will be put up for real cash and you will just donate to my PayPal. Whether you want to buy a top player so like Di Natale who is an 86 ST and will help you to win, or other players that will satisfy you to win the league. Think its a great idea and hope to get at the point within a 2 months or so. Cheers

will win
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Expectations and the future I want to bring to this site.
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