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 First Half Fixtures (1-19)

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First Half Fixtures (1-19) Empty
PostSubject: First Half Fixtures (1-19)   First Half Fixtures (1-19) EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 1:39 pm

Week 1
Bayern Munich v Tottenham
Schalke v Newcastle
Juventus v Man City
Napoli v PSG
Arsenal v Dortmund
AC Milan v A. Madrid
Zenit v Real Madrid
Valencia v Barcelona
Liverpool v Inter Milan
Man Utd v Chelsea

Week 2
Bayern Munich v Schalke
Tottenham v Juventus
Newcastle v Arsenal
Man City v Napoli
Dortmund v AC Milan
A. Madrid v Valencia
PSG v Zenit
Real Madrid v Man Utd
Barcelona v Inter Milan
Chelsea v Liverpool

Week 3
Juventus v Schalke
Arsenal v Bayern Munich
AC Milan v Newcastle
Napoli v Tottenham
Zenit v Man City
Valencia v Dortmund
Man Utd v PSG
Chelsea v Real Madrid
Inter Milan v A. Madrid
Liverpool v Barcelona

Week 4
Schalke v Napoli
Juventus v Arsenal
Bayern Munich v AC Milan
Tottenham v Zenit
Newcastle v Valencia
Man City v Man Utd
Dortmund v Inter Milan
A. Madrid v Barcelona
PSG v Chelsea
Real Madrid v Liverpool

Week 5
Napoli v Arsenal
AC Milan v Juventus
Zenit v Schalke
Man Utd v Tottenham
Valencia v Bayern Munich
Inter Milan v Newcastle
Chelsea v Man City
Barcelona v Dortmund
Real Madrid v PSG
Liverpool v A. Madrid

Week 6
Napoli v AC Milan
Arsenal v Zenit
Schalke v Man Utd
Juventus v Valencia
Bayern Munich v Inter Milan
Tottenham v Chelsea
Newcastle v Barcelona
Dortmund v A. Madrid
Man City v Real Madrid
PSG v Liverpool

Week 7
Zenit v AC Milan
Man Utd v Arsenal
Valencia v Napoli
Inter Milan v Juventus
Chelsea v Schalke
Barcelona v Bayern Munich
Real Madrid v Tottenham
PSG v Man City
A. Madrid v Newcastle
Liverpool v Dortmund

Week 8
Zenit v Valencia
AC Milan v Man Utd
Arsenal v Chelsea
Napoli v Inter Milan
Juventus v Barcelona
Schalke v Real Madrid
Bayern Munich v A. Madrid
Newcastle v Dortmund
Tottenham v PSG
Man City v Liverpool

Week 9
Man Utd v Valencia
Inter Milan v Zenit
Barcelona v Napoli
Chelsea v AC Milan
Real Madrid v Arsenal
A. Madrid v Juventus
PSG v Schalke
Man City v Tottenham
Dortmund v Bayern Munich
Liverpool v Newcastle

Week 10
Man Utd v Inter Milan
Zenit v Barcelona
Valencia v Chelsea
AC Milan v Real Madrid
Napoli v A. Madrid
Arsenal v PSG
Schalke v Man City
Juventus v Dortmund
Bayern Munich v Newcastle
Tottenham v Liverpool

Week 11
Barcelona v Man Utd
Chelsea v Inter Milan
Real Madrid v Valencia
A. Madrid v Zenit
PSG v AC Milan
Man City v Arsenal
Dortmund v Napoli
Newcastle v Juventus
Tottenham v Schalke
Liverpool v Bayern Munich

Week 12
Chelsea v Barcelona
Inter Milan v Real Madrid
Man Utd v A. Madrid
Zenit v Dortmund
Valencia v PSG
AC Milan v Man City
Napoli v Newcastle
Arsenal v Tottenham
Juventus v Bayern Munich
Schalke v Liverpool

Week 13
Real Madrid v Barcelona
A. Madrid v Chelsea
PSG v Inter Milan
Dortmund v Man Utd
Newcastle v Zenit
Man City v Valencia
Tottenham v AC Milan
Bayern Munich v Napoli
Schalke v Arsenal
Liverpool v Juventus

Week 14
Real Madrid v A. Madrid
Barcelona v PSG
Chelsea v Dortmund
Inter Milan v Man City
Valencia v Tottenham
Man Utd v Newcastle
Zenit v Bayern Munich
AC Milan v Schalke
Napoli v Juventus
Arsenal v Liverpool

Week 15
Dortmund v Real Madrid
PSG v A. Madrid
Man City v Barcelona
Newcastle v Chelsea
Tottenham v Inter Milan
Bayern Munich v Man Utd
Schalke v Valencia
Arsenal v AC Milan
Juventus v Zenit
Liverpool v Napoli

Week 16
PSG v Dortmund
A. Madrid v Man City
Real Madrid v Newcastle
Barcelona v Tottenham
Chelsea v Bayern Munich
Inter Milan v Schalke
Valencia v Arsenal
Man Utd v Juventus
Zenit v Napoli
AC Milan v Liverpool

Week 17
Man City v Dortmund
Tottenham v A. Madrid
Newcastle v PSG
Bayern Munich v Real Madrid
Schalke v Barcelona
Juventus v Chelsea
Arsenal v Inter Milan
Napoli v Man Utd
Liverpool v Zenit
AC Milan v Valencia

Week 18
Man City v Newcastle
Dortmund v Tottenham
A. Madrid v Schalke
PSG v Bayern Munich
Real Madrid v Juventus
Barcelona v Arsenal
Chelsea v Napoli
Man Utd v Zenit
Inter Milan v AC Milan
Valencia v Liverpool

Week 19
Tottenham v Newcastle
Bayern Munich v Man City
Juventus v PSG
Schalke v Dortmund
Arsenal v A. Madrid
Napoli v Real Madrid
Zenit v Chelsea
AC Milan v Barcelona
Valencia v Inter Milan
Liverpool v Man Utd

will win
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First Half Fixtures (1-19)
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