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 Click Here For RULES!

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jan3iro21 (Chelsea)

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PostSubject: Click Here For RULES!   Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:19 am

Here Are Rules For FEL! (Please Read Carefully)

Match Rules
Each game must be done through friendlies, I do have ways to know how you stat glitch, you will be permanently banned if caught stat glitching. After the match please hand report the match with all the stats and if one does no agree.

Handling Crashes and Lag
If the games Freezes when it is Second Half kick off. Use common sense and Rehost the game and play One Half and Add on any Goals from the Previous Half. If Both Managers feel that the Servers are not able allow the match to be played due to Problems with Red Dot/Lag etc. Just play a other Night or Both Reset Your Connections and Try Again.

General Rules
Treat other users with RESPECT! You will be issued with warnings prior to ban. This is YOUR Pro Leagues, but that goes for everyone on the site and we would like to remind you this is a community and we cannot tend to your specific personal needs. If you have a request, make it in a polite manner Contacted the STAFF and we will get to you as soon as possible. Any abuse of site staff will result in a Perm Ban.

Please be aware that any criminal activity or offences may be passed on to the relevant authorities. This includes racism, threats against other users and threatening to hack websites. Please remember that your details are recorded and we have access to all Chatbox logs and private messages.

Chatbox Rules
The Chatbox is here for you all to communicate and have some friendly banter. Some people take this friendly banter to far and this can result in a mute. If you get muted without warning this may be because it's to stop an arguement and it could also save you from being Banned. Please do not Privates Messages to Staff asking why you were banned etc. Please do not SPAM on the Chatbox, most of you know when you are spamming so just please do not do it, it can result in mutes and if you continue you will be banned. Please do not come on the Chatbox just to cause Arguements as this won't be tolerated. Also please do not use CAPS LIKE THIS FOR NO REASON it is classed as spam and can result in a mute. Finally, please treat all users with respect at all times.

If you decide to leave a job, You will be Suspended for 3 weeks before applying for another.
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Click Here For RULES!
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